Pledge Fundraising. These are not investments. You are either prepaying for a service, or making a donation. These contributions will jumpstart community oriented projects and businesses. They are open to everyone.

  • For Example: A $4,000 fundraiser to create a community garden within Park Ave. in Rochester, NY. Anyone that pledges over $80 would recieve a personalized rock in the new garden.

  • Another Example: A $500 fundraiser for the construction of ten "Free Libraries" around Elmwood Village in Buffalo, NY. A donation of $50 or more would get your name on one of the boxes.

  • One More Exmaple: A $14,000 fundraiser to help a small local bakery expand in downtown Albany, NY. Those who pledge $100+ get a t-shirt and coupon for a free birthday cake.

  • Our hope is to improve community engagement and jumpstart business formation in neighborhoods that have been traditionally disinvested in or deprived of investment in a variety of ways. We especially hope to find businesses that will occupy underutilized space.

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Equity investment crowdfunding. These raises connect accredited investors with historic real estate investment opportunities.

  • Opportunities may include special purpose funding entities for:
    • - Historic Tax Credit Investments*
    • - Bridge Loans for Historic Rehabilitation projects
    • - Direct, Long-term Equity Investments
    • - Purchasing TIF/IDA Bonds
    • - Qualified Opportunity Funds
    • - Acquisition Loans

  • Exempt Offerings Only - All investors must be accredited

  • We are not a Broker Dealer - We are listing 506(c) Offerings

  • Our hope is to provide attractive investment opportunities to increase the amount of accredited investors that actually invest. This will ultimately promote community and economic development, our primary goal.

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Disclaimer - We are currently developing a 506(c) portal, but do not currently have a crowdfunding portal.
* Not all investments will be for historic tax credits.

About Us

Funding is a fundamental part of almost any endeavor or initiative, including those that allow our communities thrive.

Our mission is to get individuals economically engaged in mutually beneficial relationships with their communities. In doing so, local businesses, initiatives, and real estate projects will be able to get funding from the very people that live in the community. This will improve community and economic development.

This website hosts two distinct companies. Each company offers a separate type of funding or investment opportunities as outlined above.

Please be aware we are not investment advisors. We are simply providing a platform by which companies can list investment opportunities, and communicate with both potential and committed investors. This type of platform is called a funding portal. You should consult your attorney, accountant, tax or investment professional prior to making an investment.

Our platforms are still under development. Please sign up to be notified about important updates and investment or funding opportunities.

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